Part 2 - Europe 2013

Lesbos is just one of the many sunny, tranquil islands of Greece.  It would probably be a good place to spend some time but we only stopped there briefly.  It has been in the news lately due to all the Middle East refugees landing there.

Lesbos from our ship

The church towers over the town

Settled in 3,000 BC, Ephesus was not to be missed --  the Greek temple, the ampitheater (where I slipped on the marble steps but fortunately didn't break anything), the Virgin Mary's house, and the Library of Celsus.   Ephesus was once a port but it is now several miles from the sea.

The house where the Virgin Mary lived

The amphitheater where St. Paul preached

Library of Celsus

Art work from centuries past

Columns once crowned with statues

This was my third trip to Mykonos and it has greatly changed in 50 years.  The town is brilliant white.  I was amazed at all the new homes now scattered over the hills.  We were only there one day but I remember the bustling night life.

Windmills but no wind while we were there

The city is so very clean

Flowers and handicrafts of brilliant colors

The main town on the island

New houses everywhere

Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and is the site of many of the Greek myths.  We took a tour around the city but after non-stop touring the week before, we didn't venture very far.

Another cruise ship in the harbor

The Venetian fortress is the city's symbol

Iraklion is a bustling city

Everywhere folks were relaxing and chatting

Our Crete tourbus

Paris does get more beautiful every year.  We spent a week there and saw things I had missed on earlier trips.  We had a tour of the Opera and wandered around there for hours.  We went to the top of the Arc de Triumph which was fortunate since the Eiffel Tower was closed.  We cruised down the Seine.  We had plenty of time to explore the Louvre and seveal other museums.  We had an express pass for everything which saved us hours in long lines.

Is there any more recognized symbol in the world?

The Opera Garnier is stupendous

Arc de Triomphe

Entrance to the Louvre

Inside the Louvre
Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre

Enrique met John-Paul 23rd and Mother Theresa
at a wax museum

The sarcophagus of Napoleon

Enrique had never been to Disneyland so we spent a day there.  It  was a lenthy train ride there and it was packed on the return but well worth it.  I say that Disneyland is really for adults and we proved it that day.  The Space Mountain Mission 2 is known as the fastest one of all the Disney parks and we were almost unable to walk after tackling it.

The castle is the centerpiece of the park

Yes, someone is VERY happy

This could be Main Street USA :)

Enrique cools off under a constant rainshower

A balloon ride above the park

Walt Disney Studios Park
Yes, we saw Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck

The park closing is worth the wait

Finally I got to see the Palace of Versailles.  It was built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, and is opulent beyond believing.  The Hall of Mirrors is dazzling and the huge paintings of the French battles reveal an ego larger than Donald Trump's.

   The palace is immense

The Hall of Mirrors

Chandelier, chandelier, chandlier

The Queen's sitting room

Corridors filled with paintings of Napoleon

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