Mexico City

Mexico City
Mexico City is my absolute favorite vacation site.  I've been there dozens of times in recent years.  Sure, it has 22 million people, but it also has world class restaurants (at a fraction of the prices elsewhere), more than 135 great museums, one of the world's best subway systems, incredible archeological sites, music and night life, unique shopping, and so much more.  Don't miss it!

The Zocalo is the main plaza in front  of the National Palace

The Zocalo streets are ablaze with color lights during all holidays

There are constant contrasts of colonial and modern architecture

The Cathedral stands on the north side of the Zocalo.  The interior (right) has been renovated recently.

A huge Christmas piņata hangs in the courtyard of the House of Tiles, a Sanborn's Restaurant, in the Centro section of the city.

The National Museum of Art is not to be missed.

One of my favorite Museum paintings

The Museum is spacious and beautifully arranged with a bountiful collection

The art deco Bellas Artes theatre

Bellas Artes has a superb collection by Mexico's most famous mural painters

The Angel of Independence Monument is located in Zona Rosa

Behind the monument to the Heroes of Chapultepec rises Chapultepec Castle

One of the beautifully restored rooms in Chapultepec Castle

The gallery of stained glass in the Castle

The courtyard of the world-renown Museum of Anthropology

The Aztec calendar is the center piece of the museum but the collection is huge

This fierce clay piece is just one of thousands to be seen at the Museum

The modern Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe should not be missed

The Famous Floating Gardens of Xochimilco date from Aztec times

The Torre Mayor is now the tallest building in Mexico

The Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan near to Mexico City

Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent found on a temple in Teotihuacan

The murals by Diego Rivera in the National Palace recreate Mexico's unique history

For photos of Taxco, Mexico's silver capital, click here

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