There are few countries where I do not have friends and former students. They make travel so much more interesting and pleasant. In 1976 I celebrated America's Bicentennial in Brazil, Tanzania, Israel and Greece; in 1985, my work at Hawaii Pacific College took me on a trip around the world; and in 1998 I spent three weeks in Thailand where I discovered Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in the north at the foot of towering green mountains. It reminded me of the Hawaiian Islands. In 2005 I took a 5 star cruise through Scandinavia to St. Petersburg, Russia, and in 2007 I visited Chile then cruised up South America to Acapulco.  In 2009, I cruised around South America's cape from Santiago to Buenos Aires then took a bus over the Andes on my 67th birthday.  In 2012, I spent five weeks in South East Asia visiting Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia, where I had a joyous reunion with my college students from Hawaii Pacific College.  I have a million stories about nearly any place you can name-- being robbed in Cairo, reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, riding down from the Christ statue in Rio at night in a taxi with no headlights... and, of course, hundreds of tales of my life in Mexico.  When I'm old sitting on the front porch of the retirement home I'll have so many good memories to keep me happy. That may be many years ahead though. My grandmother was one month shy of 105 when she died.  Guess that makes me middle aged.
Below are some photos from my safaris.  Other safaris can be found at the top of the home page.

Cruise from Chile around the tip of South America to Argentina then over the Andes to Santiago

Bill, Richard, Chuck and Enrique

Mount Osorno in Chile

Monument to Magellan, Puerto Montt

Chilean Glacier

The Mighty Andes

Around the tip of South America

Penguins in the Falkland Islands

Gosh!  The beach is so crowded today.
Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Bill with friend in Montevideo, Uruguay

Bill with his tango partner  
Dancers at a sidewalk cafe in Buenos Aires
         Eva Peron
Eva Peron's Tomb, Buenos Aires
Cruise from Chile to Mexico aboard the Golden Princess

The Golden Princess
Gaucho friend in Chile

King Kong got me in Panama

Cathedral in Lima, Peru
Church in Arica, Chile

Volcano at Pucon, Chile

Huatulco, Mexico, in Oaxaca State
Rock designs in Arica desert

Resting aboard the Golden Princess
Cruise to Scandinavia and Russia aboard the Rotterdam IV

Rotterdam IV    
  Aboard the Rotterdam 
In Estonia

A church in St. Petersburg
An evening at the Yusupov Palace
in St. Petersburg

The fountains of Peterholf Palace

Beautiful Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland Cathedral

The canals of Amsterdam

Bill with Hans Christian Anderson
The real Kon Tiki raft in Oslo, Norway

Who doesn't love Paris?
 Where in the world have I been all this time?

With my students in Tanzania,
Peace Corps -1965-1967
Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, 1966

Bearded Bill with Wini, Samson and his
family - on return to Tanzania 1976

    Banff, Canada
Jakarta, Indonesia

Monte Alban, Mexico

Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy

London, England

Giza, Egypt
Swept off my feet by an elephant
in Thailand

Temple steps in Thailand

Temple in Penang, Malaysia

Students sharing Christmas with Alexis,
my niece and me in  Honolulu
With a friend at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

View from atop St. Peter's, Rome

Strolling with Dell friends in Ginza, Japan
      Limerick Castle, Ireland
 Observatory at Chitzen Itza, Mexico